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Description: Yuliya Khlynina in the movie Duelyant was seen getting close to her male partner while the guy starts sliding his hand over her face and kissing her neck. All of a sudden, some kind of spark goes between them and he removes all the clothes of Yuliya Khlynina. While getting over her body and remained her nude with only clothes over her pussy. The guy stares at her and then comes closer to her opening her pants down there. She was placed in missionary style sex position, the guy spreader her legs and pushed his dick inside her pussy making her moan faster and loudly.

She was seeing continuously out from the window while getting fucked and we were able to see her boobs that were of medium and whitish size. In the next scene, she was seen getting fucked form different male partners in the movie and also points gun towards one of the male partner and then fires it too but the guy hugs her tightly and starts fucking her too. The clip has been taken from the movie named Duelyant which was released in the year 2016. Yuliya Khlynina showed us her boobs and her ass while in the sexual scene of the movie.
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